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I Stand Corrected 


A Josh Hutcherson Oneshot


A small town diner in the middle of no where. 

That’s where I worked. Why? Why would anyone want to work in a place like that? That’s what you and I are both asking.

But I have a good answer, because my parents run the place.

Don and Deedee’s Diner. Yep. That’s my parents. We get the most business out of this hick little town and we do pretty well.  It was pretty late at night and the only people in here besides the cook in back and myself, the lone waitress, was the crazy man that lived with pet rats that the town had deemed to nick name him “Sloppy Joe.” Cute, I know. Very creative, but to be fair Sloppy Joe was named Joe and he was very sloppy.

Every once and a while outside a car would pass but other than that the only light was from a street lamp across the street. It was quite eerie actually, but I was used to it, since I had been helping at the diner since I could remember.

I gave Sloppy Joe another cup of coffee, on the house. I remember seeing  a patch on his jacket, it was an old war patch. The poor guy had seen Hell in war and now was deemed the crazy man of our small little town. He scared me, sure, but he didn’t need to be treated like crap. I’d give him apple pie and stuff like that sometimes too. But the only thing he’d ever said was “Thank you, darlin.” Nothing more.

A big van slowed on the street and turned into our parking lot. I didn’t recognize the van from the town so it had to be out-of-towners.  Knowing my luck, they’d only ask for directions and leave, but still I placed a welcoming smile on my face and fixed my pink apron.

I pretended to be busy with something behind the counter so I didn’t look like a creeper, but there was a group of people who piled through the diner door. The bell rang above the door and I glanced up.

Holy mother of fuc-

I tried not to show my sense of shock as I placed a smile on my face.

Across from me in the group of people was non other that Josh Hutcherson. I recognized his mom and dad, his brother Connor and his friend Avan Jogia. But there were two others I didn’t know.

Man, now I feel like a creeper for knowing that.

"Hello, welcome To Don and Deedee’s Diner my name is Dahlia, what can I help you with?"

"Uh, yes. We were wondering if you could give us directions back to the high way." The man, I had recognized as Josh’s father said. I knew it. I was elated, still.

"Well, if that’s all, all you nee-" I began.

"And maybe if we could get some food." Josh interjected. He had a sweet smile on his face. Josh’s parents looked at him questioningly. "Right, boys?" He asked Connor, Avan and the other two boys whooped in agreement.

"We could eat." Connor said, he walked up to the diner counter and sat on the bar stool. He swiveled it around and spun in it.

"You could always eat. "Avan said bobbing him on the head.


Josh’s mom sighed and shook her head and sat on one of the stools. They all sat in a row and I felt so overwhelmed. Not only am I meeting Josh Hutcherson, his family and friends I am serving them. Mother of God this is the best day at work ever.

"Okay,"  I looked down the row at the seven people people. "What can I get you?"

Josh busted out laughing. And we all looked at him. 

"I’m sorry, you just… you just looked so scared!" He laughed.

 After thy ordered I told Craig, our cook what they wanted. Josh tried to catch us in a conversation. He went down the line and introduced everyone. Apparently they were on a road trip from LA to Kentucky, just a few states away.  

Avan started telling me some blackmail on Josh. It was so funny, he was blushing and leaned his head down on the counter saying, “Oh my God, Avan I hate you.”

We all laughed as I started giving everyone their food.

"Oh! And then this one time we had gone out to Chicago for the weeken-"

"NO! No, Avan! No! Trust me, you do not want to hear about that one!" He rushed to cover Avans’ mouth and I didn’t think he could get any redder.  

"Little lady?" I turned and Craig had the last plate ready for my. 

"Thank you, Craig."

"You’re welcome sweetheart."

I placed the last plate, a bacon double burger and fries in front of Josh. He flashed me a dashing smile.

"Thank you, sweetheart." Avan’s arm slipped and hit Josh’s. Avan smirked at Josh.

I noticed Sloppy Joe was running low on coffee, he wouldn’t leave for another hour so I excused myself and walked over and refilled it with decaf so he could sleep later. But as I walked away I thought I heard Josh tell Avan.

"I call dibs." I shook my head, thinking it didn’t make sense so I obviously heard wrong.

"Here you are, Joe. Another cup, on the house." He nodded staring off into space and grabbed the cup.

"Thank you, darlin."

"You’re welcome Joe." I smiled sweetly at him, knowing he couldn’t see me and walked back behind the counter.

As Josh, is friends and family and I kept talking no one came into the diner, in just and hour and a half we were closing.

I looked concerned over at Joe. I bit my lip. For some reason the old man reminded me of a grandfather, although I had never met my own… maybe that was why. But I shook it off and joined the conversation at hand. Mrs. Hutcherson and I began talking about gardens. She had one in Kentucky and I helped my mom out in our own so we gave each other pointers. She was such a  nice lady. 

Josh stood up and walked over to Joe’s table. I glanced up at him. He sat down across for Joe and smiled. It seemed like he introduced himself.

"What’s he doing?" I asked no one in particular. No one but me really talked to Joe, it was shocking to see someone, especially a stranger… especially Josh Hutcherson talk to him.

Josh’s roommate, Andre, just smiled shaking his head. 

"Being Josh."  

They talked for a little while, but then Joe got up to leave and Josh stuck out his hand. Joe reluctantly shook it. When their hands parted Joe looked down at his hand. In it was a few hundred dollar bills. 

My jaw dropped.

"Take it, please. Think of it as an investment." I barely heard Josh say. Joe nodded.

"Thank you, sir." He saluted him and walked out of the diner. Josh came, sat back down and continued eating as if nothing happened. I wiped the stupid look off my face and walked over to him. I quirked an eye brow up.

"An investment?" 

"Yeah, you know… he said he paints. I just figured.. he needed a jump start."

"He never told me that." He smiled.

"I’m a people person."

I smiled, shaking my head at the generous move. That’s the nicest thing I think I’d ever seen.

We talked for a little while longer. Josh’s group started moving towards the door, as I was closing up the diner. 

"Have a good night, Craig!" I called out. I barely heard his reply as he walked out the back door. I began turning off all the lights.

"So… I was thinking that we’d stay in town… you know… just a little while longer."

I glanced up and Josh and Connor were still here. Connor had a knowing grin on his face and looked between Josh and I. Josh shoved his face to the side.

"Get out of here punk. Go help Dad."

"With what? All the bags are in the car." Connor said, tauntingly. Josh glared at him and Connor waggled his eyebrows. "You kids have fun, now." He laughed as he tore out the door.

Josh blushed and ran a hand through his hair.

"I’m sorry about him… He’s…."

"A little brother?" I smirked. "I have one too, I know what they’re like." Josh grinned.

"But.. um, yeah I was thinking since I’m staying in town for a couple of days… maybe you could give me a tour." I laughed trying to cover up my shock. Josh Hutcherson wants me to give him a tour of the town. This day couldn’t get any better.

"Yeah, that’s be great. Not a whole lot to see, compared to Hollywood, but I’ll see what I can do."

"Great! I’ll walk you to your car?" He asked.

"Yeah." We walked over to my red, rusting 78’ VW Bug convertible.

"Nice car." Josh said.

"Yeah. She’s old, but my dad and I are fixing her up." I said as I turned to face him. 

"Well, night. I see you tomorrow, here at about noon? That sound okay?"

"Yeah, sure. See you then." Josh turned to leave. He quickly turned back around.

"There’s been something I’ve been thinking about doing all night."

"What’s th-" Josh’s lips came down on mine. His hands came up to gently cup my cheeks. I leaned into his and my lips worked softly against his. It was sweet.

Behind Josh his dad honked the horn of the car and flashed the lights about ten times and the boys jumped out of the windows, cat calling at us. Josh’s mom in the passenger seat gently smacked Connor’s arm as he leaned out the window yelling, “GET SOME!”

Both Josh as I blushed as we pulled away. 

"Sorry about them." He scratched the back of his neck and looked down at his shoes. "I guess I’ll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, see you then." 

I climbed into my car and watched as Josh and his family and friends pulled away. I let out a giddy scream and laughed. I remembered just minutes before I said this day couldn’t get any better.. That was before Josh kissed me.

I laughed.

"I stand corrected." I muttered to my car with a huge grin on my face.