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Birthday Wishes Do Come True 


A Josh Hutcherson Oneshot (featuring Alexander Ludwig)


Happy Birthday, dear Hannah! Happy Birthday to you!” Your friends and family were crowed around in your backyard around a pick nick table. Your big birthday cake was  in the middle of the table. Looked around, grinning at your friends and family. Your dork of friends were singing the song out of pitch trying to make you laugh and succeeded. 

You laugh and make a wish. You only want your two best friends to be here for you, but they were off in LA and called earlier saying the couldn’t make it. You were kind of sad, but you understood. 

But you still wished for them. That was the only thing you wanted.

I wish Josh and Alex were here, you thought as you blew out the candles.

Everyone clapped and cheered and your parents started cutting the cake.

You were still happy everyone was there to see you smile and be there for you so you were grateful.

You all sat around the table while one sat and began eating cake and laughing when it was present time.

There were quite a few gifts wrapped in colorful paper, the light from the lanterns hanging around you danced off of them and only made them that more tempting.

Your mom handed you the first gift, you quickly unwrapped it ripping the paper aside it was a  new phone. You squealed and hugged your mom. Your last phone you’d had for three years and was horrible. You’ve been asking for a new phone for a year and a half.

"Thank you! Oh my gosh thank you so much!" Your mom laughed.

"Don’t worry, sweetie. There’s more."

You unwrapped all the gifts, getting and Itunes card, some things to go with your phone, a new movie and the Adele album. You leaned back in your chair and sighed, completely content.

The guests started to leave you walked everyone to the front door thanking them for the gifts and you stood in the open door way waving to your friends. Your mom and dad were waiting behind you and had grins on their faces. You looked suspiciously at them.

"We have one more present for you!" Your mom says. You laugh, excitedly.

"What is it?"

"Turn around." The voice that spoke wasn’t your mom’s. It was a deep voice, one that you haven’t hear in a while. It was Alexander’s. You whip around and there is Josh and Alexander standing on the porch with big grins on thier faces.

You scream and jump, practically throwing yourself at Alexander first. He laughed and pulled you into a big bear hug.

"You didn’t think we’d miss your birthday did you?"

"But you… you guys were in LA! You said you couldn’t make it!"

You turned and hugged Josh next.

"Yeah, well we lied!" He said laughing. "We figured it’d be a nice surprise!"

"It is! Oh my gosh, guys! Thank you so much! You guys are the best!" 

"Yeah, well your mom helped keep it a secret!" You ran over and hugged her too.

"Soo… does this mean we still get cake?" Alexander asked. You rolled you eyes.

"Yeah, sure. You guys deserve it." You took them into the kitchen and you lounged around.

"So birthday girl? Did you get everything you wanted?" You laugh.

"Yep. You guys were it. I just wanted you to be here and… you are."

"Well," Josh said looking at Alex. "We feel honored that you asked for us." Slowly and evil grin appeared on his face. He gave you a wink. 

You pretended you didn’t see anything.

"You enjoying your cake, Alex?" Josh asked. Alex was already on his second piece.

"Damn this is good. Who made it?" Ales asked you. Josh got up and went to retrieve another piece. He slowly walked behind Alex and smirked. He quickly smashed the cake in Alex’s face. You gasped and burst out laughing.

Alex looked like someone had kicked a puppy. The cake plopped from his face down onto the table.  He wiped a huge chunk from his face the icing smearing across his nose and mouth. He turned to Josh and glared.

"Oh, you asked for it Oompa Loompa." He takes the cake from his plate and Josh and Alex wrestle around the kitchen. Alex smashes the cake into Josh’s hair and rubs it over his face.

You fell off your chair laughing so much.

"What are you laughing at?" Alex says, laughing as well. Josh and Alex stand up.

"Should we unite, Gigantor?" Josh asks, holding out his hand. Alex smirks and takes it. You back away warily from the two.

"Guuuys… What are you thinking?"

They quickly reach for the extra cake on the table you squeal and run to the other side but they catch you and you all fall to the floor as they swear cake all over.

You squeal more and you the boy’s laughter fill your ears.

"Best birthday ever!” You yell out.


Written for sunset-orange-roses

Happy birthday, Hannah! I hope everything was perfect and you had an amazing day!

I hope this is up to par and you enjoyed it! :)